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Korea 4.0

The revolution of intelligence based on hyper-connectivity enabled by digital technologies

On behalf of the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) of the Republic of Korea, I would like to extend my congratulations to the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism of the Kingdom of Spain on hosting the 3rd Connected Industry 4.0 Congress on November 12, as part of its endeavors to promote the digital transformation of industry.

The 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us, and it will fundamentally change how we live, work and play. Advancing toward the era of Industry 4.0, the government of the Republic of Korea has pursued its vision of I-KOREA 4.0. This vision is strongly committed to fostering innovation, in particular, through leveraging the interconnectivity of a wide range of intelligence, and thus enhancing social inclusiveness and improving the people’s quality of life.

Under this framework, MSIT views Industry 4.0 as the overarching revolution of intelligence based on hyper-connectivity enabled by digital technologies. To this end, we are focusing available resources on building the infrastructure for hyper-connected intelligence and overhauling the national R&D system in order to contribute to improving the living standards of the people.

The key drivers for this revolutionary paradigm shift are identified as DNA: D stands for big Data, the so-called crude oil of the 21st century; N for communications Network, especially the newly launched 5G network; and A for Artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence will gain further momentum on the back of collected, processed, analyzed and predicted big data. As applied to and connecting objects, it will undoubtedly transform our daily lives in a more convenient and efficient way and generate tremendous business opportunities and value.

In addition, 5G technology, touted as a game-changer for the digital transformation of entire industries, will allow instant massive data transmission and enable real-time connectivity across all things, thereby realizing a range of innovative convergence services, including autonomous vehicles, smart factories and smart cities.

Against this backdrop, MSIT strives to upgrade our DNA to accelerate the transition into a data economy and expand investment in the technologies, human resources and infrastructure of artificial intelligence, all under the aim of sharpening national competitiveness in the areas of 5G-based strategic industries and artificial intelligence. We have also been actively engaging in formulating international norms and standards, such as the OECD Recommendation on Artificial Intelligence.

The government of Spain is also committed to promoting the digital transformation of industries and helping them acquire a competitive advantage on the global stage. This is particularly evident in Connected Industry 4.0, its ongoing policy effort. Spain and South Korea are well positioned to benefit from the technological prowess and excellent infrastructure of the ICT and mobile areas. This year, for example, both have rolled out 5G services into the market. In the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, these conditions will enable more opportunities than ever for cooperation between our two countries.

Once again, I would like to congratulate the government of Spain and its people on the opening of the Connected Industry 4.0 Congress. It is my sincere hope that this will serve as an excellent venue for South Korea to share with Spain its policy directions and best practices in terms of DNA and the National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence currently being prepared, thus promoting cooperation and collaboration between our two nations.

Kiyoung Choi

Minister, Ministry of Science and ICT, Republic of Korea

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